Vercors – surrounded by cliffs

After arriving very late on a small Swiss RV lot yesterday, we slept in a little bit this morning. We had a solid night’s rest, and the kids only woke us up at – this must be a new record – 9am. All good. We don’t mind sleeping well. It’s always interesting to wake up somewhere when you have arrived in pitch dark. We shared the lot with one other camper van, and what seemed like a very large group of people with a more permanent nomadic lifestyle. Several large families of people in shiny new white caravans, parked next to shiny new white vans. I’m not sure where they were traveling to, or if they were traveling at all, but it must be an intense lifestyle, living with families of eight in one caravan. I already struggle with four in a camper van.

The road to the French border was longer than I expected. And without internet it was guesswork as to how long it would take us. Yesterday, I guessed it would take an hour to the border, but it turned out to be 2.5 hours. Fine. We have time. Today we received official text messages from our phone provider, indicating that internet costs 7 euro per megabyte. Have they gone nuts or what? Thanks for notifying us after 24 hours. Very kind. Happy to be back in the EU, where life is convenient.

In France, we drove into a see of green. From Genève, we drove past Annecy towards Grenoble, and here we left the freeway and went into the Parc Naturel Régional du Vercors, which from the first bend turned out to be very spectacular and pretty. Cliffs and gorges line the roads on both sides, and the forests look almost untouched. Nice. We arrived at our campsite in Choranche late in the afternoon, and haven’t explored much yet. But the views are good and the weather is nice. What can I say? La vie n’est pas mal.

Published by Robin Heinen

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