Completo – Full – Ausgebucht

Lago d’Endine – although cute – was getting kind of boring. There wasn’t much else to do than swimming in the lake, which we could enter from a small pier where some rental boats were docked.

Our neighbors – two wonderfully sweet middle-aged men, one deaf, the other extremely talkative (a funny match) – recommended us to stop at Lago d’Iseo, the next lake to the east. Their recommended campsite sounded good, so we gave it a shot. The talkative of the two insisted on exactly showing us each of three possibilities to get there. Two of them were fast and boring, and that seemed to be his preferred choice. I’m glad we took the third, not-so-boring option.

I love driving slow on roads that are just narrow enough to fit two cars uncomfortably. They tend to be the more scenic option. I love scenic options. Today’s road went from Lovere in the north of Lago d’Iseo to Iseo, on the Southern side of the lake. The first one-third of the ride we shared with countless cyclists, on a road literally carved out the rocky cliffs. The sign at the start of the road indicated max. 3m for the vehicle height. Our Nugget is supposedly 2.85m. We could only hope that Italian construction workers stick to the plan. This road was amazing, with beautiful cliffs and small bays revealing themselves after every turn. I really enjoyed this ride. This side of the lake, other than the cyclists, was rather deserted. After a grocery stop in one of the southern towns, and a lakeside lunch, we continued our way to Iseo. We had not calculated the fact that everybody travels in the weekends, including locals. Every single campsite was fully booked to the last spot (and full really meant stuffed to the rim) – quite the contrast to Lago d’Endine a measley 30km away, where the spacious campsite was half-empty.

After completing the circumvention of Lago d’Iseo, we were back – more or less – where we began. The last campsite was also booked out. Nextdoor there was a camper parking lot, where we could spend the night. I found it rather ugly and unappealing, so instead we used it to park for an hour, grab a bite and a coffee in town, and continue onwards and upwards, into the mountains. We ended up an hour’s drive North, in the middle of nowhere, on a camper parking lot in Borno. Conveniently, there’s some adventure park next to it, so my breakfast cappuccino is already a given. Other than that, there’s nothing. The views are good, the spots are spacious, and it was dirt cheap.

From tomorrow onwards, we’ll continue our quest for the best coffee, prettiest lakes and most splendid mountain views.

Published by Robin Heinen

Father of two | Husband | Entomologist and Ecologist | Postdoctoral Researcher @ TUM | Traveler | Coffee Addict

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