A day full of action (it’s all relative, eh?)

At 6.30 am, he decided he had slept long enough. I share the roof bed of our Ford Nugget with my two year-old boy, while my wife and the baby occupy the fold-out bed below. There’s more space there, and you don’t really want to climb up and down a roof bed with a tinyContinue reading “A day full of action (it’s all relative, eh?)”

Parents, how do you do it?

I don’t know how people managed to do any work during the pandemic lockdowns with two kids at home. We’ve been struggling during the pandemic with one, but we managed well. Now that we have a second (I guess we needed a challenge), we have literally been actively parenting every single second of each day,Continue reading “Parents, how do you do it?”

That’s hot!

I’ve been growing a couple of chili 🌶️ cultivars this summer, and many of them bear quite some fruits. I grow Habaneros, Jalapenos, some droplet-shaped orange sweet pepper and normal bell peppers. Of the Habanero cultivars, three came from a colleague at our department. She and her partner grow hot chilis every year, and apparentlyContinue reading “That’s hot!”

I’m taking a break

I’m taking a little break. Like literally! I’m sitting in my car, parked along the side of some back road, under the shade of some friendly birch trees. I thought I had gotten quite good at prepping the little one for an afternoon nap. For months on end it went very well. I would usuallyContinue reading “I’m taking a break”

Who are you!?

It’s been one week since the birth of my daughter. At first, it seemed like our two-year old son really liked having a sister. He was super cute with her, and really careful in touching her. A real caring brother. Nothing makes a father more proud than seeing a young toddler being so caring towardsContinue reading “Who are you!?”

Good old-fashioned health care

Germany and its health care system. What a circus show… Don’t get me wrong, the quality of health care is exceptional, and the people in it have been nothing but friendly and caring. But what a disorganized chaos this system is. My God, it is so old-fashioned here. I already noticed about one and aContinue reading “Good old-fashioned health care”

Unfortunate luxury

Over the past couple of weeks, my boss and I have assessed a long list of candidates for our open PhD position. Considering that we had > 50 applicants, this turns into a serious task. We had the unfortunate luxury that there were quite a few excellent candidates. Having excellent candidates to apply for aContinue reading “Unfortunate luxury”