Who cares? As long as we can sleep!

Da sind wir wieder!

This morning, we ended our Netherlands trip, waving goodbye to in-laws suppressing their tears. It’s not fun saying goodbye to kids and grandkids, not knowing when will be the next time you see them. We made a lunch stop with Heike’s grandparents just across the German side of the border. Not having any grandparents myself, I find it quite special to see that Heike does, and that my kids have great-grandparents.

At about 4pm we drove off, direction Bavaria. Obviously we were immediately welcomed by a traffic jam near Cologne. I don’t mind traffic jams per se, but it brings out the nastiest driving behavior in Germans. What a mess. Anyway. Roughly five hours and a dinner stop later, we have parked our Nugget somewhere for the night. We at least made it to Bavaria, albeit we’re still three hours from home. Heike found a place near an air strip that has a huge parking lot. We are now parked there for the night, the kids are asleep, we’re tired, I have 4G internet, and we’re accompanied by the deep rumble of trucks and cars on the A3 highway in the not-so-far distance. I’m curious to find out what we will wake up to tomorrow morning. It always feels somewhat dodgy to arrive in darkness in a deserted spot. But we’re alone, and I guess no one will bother us tonight.

And now it’s time to sleep…

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