Adjust and improve

God it’s late. And I still haven’t written any post! I was on a mini vacation this week, and these vacations get me incredibly lazy! But don’t worry, I have written today. I have just (two minutes ago) submitted an overdue review that I accepted just before my parental leave started (note to self: don’t accept reviews just before your parental leave starts). Luckily the editorial team at Functional Ecology granted me an extra two weeks to look at the manuscript, so although I am a week late, I am also a week early. It’s good to force myself to do some stuff and prevent myself from being lazy. I am currently no longer on a vacation. It is no longer allowed to be lazy…


Of course this week’s mini trip was just a quick appetizer, to trigger the taste buds. And well, to properly try out the camper van, which we really didn’t do much, since we bought it, when was it, April? Anyway. Being away with the van was great. Both kids seem to thrive in and around the Nugget, so that gives us some confidence that it will actually okay to push through our next trip(s). Next week, we will be joined by my sister-in-law, who will travel from Munich to her home in the Netherlands with us. We’ll take a bit of a detour to spend some time together, and avoid the construction sites along the A3. (It is usually more a construction site than an actual highway if you ask me) In the Netherlands, we will be seeing some family and will introduce our new family member to her grand- and great-grandparents, among others. I will also pick up a present to myself. I may write about it at some point. After this, we will have to drive back to Freising, to get Heike her second jab. Then we may continue our journey, this time (hopefully) to the French coast, and at a much much slower pace. We only have to be back end of September. No rush.

The good thing about trying out our Nugget for a couple of days, is that we really found out the many great aspects of it, as well as some of the not-so-great aspects that we think can be improved. So this weekend, I will serve as my own handyman, and do some DIY work to improve and adjust the Nugget to better serve our needs. I have done some preliminary shopping this afternoon, and hopefully will be able to make the main adjustments tomorrow. If they work out well, I might share them. If not, I will just pretend that never happened and write about flowers or whatever.

Enough for today, I may not be lazy, but I am tired…

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