‘The whole parenting package experience’

Yesterday, our beautiful daughter Lara was born. Regular readers may have recognized this in the shortness of yesterday’s post, less regular readers will now get the title.

A daughter.

A dream, really.

Of course, the most important aspect is that a baby is healthy, regardless of the combination of sex chromosomes. However, we are pretty sure we want no more than two kids, and we already have a son, so (to me) it felt like ‘the whole parenting package experience’ to have a daughter as well. We’ve built some experience with raising a son, I am just curious to see whether it will differ from raising a daughter.

Same as last time, we didn’t know this time whether it was going to be a boy or a girl. Even after it was out of the womb for a couple of minutes, we weren’t sure. She was immediately wrapped in blankets, and first the midwives ensured everything was alright. (It was.) Only then did they have a look at the nether regions. Two years ago, when we had our son, somehow people around us all told us it was going to be a girl because (insert ridiculous pseudo- to non-scientific argument). For this reason, we of course had our girl’s name very ready. The boy’s name, however, was more of a small selection of potential names, and only I was sure of the right one. Mom decided at the birth, upon seeing the little worm dangling between the legs that she agreed with my preferred name, and so Rafa it became. However, we were very much expecting a Lara. We didn’t hear so many guesses this time. Rafa proved most people wrong last time. But we still very much loved the name. So now, two years and two weeks later, here she is. Lara, by the way, proved wrong the only two people that correctly guessed last time. Pseudo-science. It doesn’t work!

One thing I have already noticed. Cleaning daughter diapers is a bit different from cleaning son diapers. And with that, I think I need to clean one again.

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