Birthday boy

Birthday boy

Isn’t it amazing how time flies by? Two years ago Heike and I had just become parents. After a 21-hour struggle, Rafa popped out at 00.54 on the 15th of July, 2019. Ten days earlier than expected. We were quite surprised. Weren’t babies supposed to arrive at their due date? Anyway, the 15th of July is a fine date. It’s in the genes somehow. Heike’s brother (Rafa’s uncle) was born on the same date (albeit a few years earlier), and their uncle was also born on the 15th of July (even earlier, still). I guess our second child will somewhere in the future also have a son on July 15th, to keep the transgenerational tradition intact (no pressure, my unborn child).

Rafa was completely exhausted. I put him to bed in 5 minutes. He could for my part be a birthday boy every day, if he sticks with that sleeping regimen. In kindergarten, he brought cakes and fruit for the other kiddos, and they made him an epic crown. I want an epic crown, too. My birthday is August 12th. In case someone wants to send me one. (A man can try.) He also got a pile of presents that almost made me jealous. All the socially distanced family and friends sent their gifts from abroad. On my birthday, I usually get very little – not even a crown! My cuteness wore off at an early age, and I think cuteness and presents are positively correlated.

Two years. And what crazy years they have been. Defending my PhD, moving countries, changing jobs, moving once more, a bloody pandemic, but above all a lot of beautiful moments with Heike and Rafa. I can’t be more grateful for these beautiful times we have had, and to the wonderful person he’s becoming.

Any day now, our second child could arrive. We don’t know yet who it will be. Boy or girl. We’ll see it soon enough. Personalities take a bit longer to take form, but if they’re a little bit like their big brother Rafa, they’ll be good company! Rafa’s birthday brought back many lovely memories, and I guess I am done waiting!

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