A reasonably-sized novel

This post marks the half-year point of daily blogging. I started off on the 30th of January, caused by my dissatisfaction with the amount of writing I (get to) do for my job as a scientist. There is just so much – what would you call it – noise? The job supposedly comes with aContinue reading “A reasonably-sized novel”

‘The whole parenting package experience’

Yesterday, our beautiful daughter Lara was born. Regular readers may have recognized this in the shortness of yesterday’s post, less regular readers will now get the title. A daughter. A dream, really. Of course, the most important aspect is that a baby is healthy, regardless of the combination of sex chromosomes. However, we are prettyContinue reading “‘The whole parenting package experience’”

A faint band – but a band nonetheless

For the past couple of weeks, we have been ‘nesting’ like mad, buying and preparing all kinds of necessary and not-so-necessary things. This nesting behaviour is important for parents-to-be, I remember from the first time how it was an incredibly powerful aspect of the whole process. Especially for me as a dad this pregnancy wasContinue reading “A faint band – but a band nonetheless”

I’m nervous, man

I have felt pretty much constantly nervous over the past couple of days. Our second child is due August 2nd, and that’s not too far away. Our first son Rafa came quite unexpected – ten days early – and birth started early in the morning, after a late evening of dinner with friends. We wereContinue reading “I’m nervous, man”

I guess I’m an Associate Editor now

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited on the editorial board of Annals of Applied Biology. Not counting the dozen invitations by MDPI ‘journals’, this was the first time I was asked to do something like this. For an early-career researcher like me, this is of course an exciting event and moreover it feltContinue reading “I guess I’m an Associate Editor now”

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ dose of admin crap…

“I would kindly appreciate it if you would think about it,” my boss told me a little over a year ago. “Well… It doesn’t seem like I have much of a choice, do I,” I asked in return. “Well. No, not really. Someone has to do it,” he answered. I hate it when people bullshitContinue reading “Who doesn’t love a good ol’ dose of admin crap…”