I guess I’m an Associate Editor now

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited on the editorial board of Annals of Applied Biology. Not counting the dozen invitations by MDPI ‘journals’, this was the first time I was asked to do something like this. For an early-career researcher like me, this is of course an exciting event and moreover it feltContinue reading “I guess I’m an Associate Editor now”

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ dose of admin crap…

“I would kindly appreciate it if you would think about it,” my boss told me a little over a year ago. “Well… It doesn’t seem like I have much of a choice, do I,” I asked in return. “Well. No, not really. Someone has to do it,” he answered. I hate it when people bullshitContinue reading “Who doesn’t love a good ol’ dose of admin crap…”

I never thought I would ever prefer home office…

Slowly, but steadily, the end now really is in sight! It took a bit of work, and quite some stress, and even some sleepless nights, but we did it. Last week, we harvested our barley greenhouse experiment. Check! This past weekend I planted my first local Freising tansy field experiment – which consists of leftoverContinue reading “I never thought I would ever prefer home office…”

A silly clown

It’s quite funny how hysterical professional gardeners and greenhouse staff get when they see aphids. I get it, aphids are the devil – that is, when you’re a tomato grower or whatever. I cannot count count the number of times I have been warned about all the horrors that are aphids – as if IContinue reading “A silly clown”

Work on weekends – I try not to make a habit out of this(!)

I have decided that this will be a work weekend. It’s going against my own policy, and I don’t like it. However, with an ├╝berpregnant wife, it’s not like we’re going to make a spectacular trip or anything. Instead, we spent a lazy morning on the couch and floor, reading children’s books or playing withContinue reading “Work on weekends – I try not to make a habit out of this(!)”

A good batch!

Today was another amazing(ly long) day filled with Zoom presentations from 9.00 am until 3.30 pm. These were the final presentation of the landscape planning course I co-co├Ârdinated this semester with the landscape planners on-campus. I’m responsible for teaching the students a thing or two about ecology, and how landscape planning can be optimized andContinue reading “A good batch!”