Some days are better than others

Some days are better than others. This is also very true if you write daily blog posts. On many days, something will come to you at some point in the day, and if it is worth it, you will remember it (or equally often you won’t). On other days, you know what you want toContinue reading “Some days are better than others”

My son pays the price…

Those who know me well know that I care deeply about nature. I truly believe that we can (and should!) all play an important role in maintaining a bit of biodiversity close to home – in our own backyards. As you would expect from an ecological entomologist, my garden is a bit of a wildContinue reading “My son pays the price…”

A more productive routine in three simple steps

Five months ago, I was worried about not writing enough, and atrophying my creative writing muscle. And I guess it really was true. Since October 2020, my days were filled with running up and down different facilities at different locations and managing different experiments with the team. For five months in a row, that meantContinue reading “A more productive routine in three simple steps”

I never found out whether Hanna got full tenure…

There was no escaping it on Twitter in the past couple of days. As I was mostly out on a camping trip over the weekend, I missed most of the buzz. Even today, however, it took me only a minute or so of mindless scrolling to find out the latest trend on academic Twitter; #Ichbinhanna.Continue reading “I never found out whether Hanna got full tenure…”

A scene from a sci-fi movie

It was true. We ended up surprise camping in a beautiful place. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the place unbeknownst to us, but that others ensured us would be great, was indeed a quite idyllic and beautiful town. But something felt off. Wherever we went there were crowds of unmasked tourists. It was a scene thatContinue reading “A scene from a sci-fi movie”

They said it would be pretty…

This afternoon we drove off to the West, and to be honest, I don’t have a clue exactly where we are. I just drove as my wife gave me instructions, later followed by our loyal companion Google Maps. We’re now on some campsite. Because we arrived late and immediately brought our boy to bed, weContinue reading “They said it would be pretty…”