My new indoor swimming pool

For those of you that saw the game between Hungary and Germany yesterday evening. Did you notice all that rain? I live about 20 or so kilometres from the Allianz Arena. All that rain? An equal amount was unleashed onto our roof and into our flood drains. Interestingly, however, the morons that renovated our basement thought it was a good idea to flush all kinds of building rubble and cement through the drains. The same drains that apparently are supposed to take care of the rain water.


This morning when we woke up, our whole goddamn basement was filled with 10 cm of water. Now, we live in a shared building with three layers, a pretty common thing in Germany. Every layer has an apartment, and we are in the top. All three parties have a basement compartment. Ours is tiny. The other two tenants have pretty huge basement compartments. I don’t know if it was the same bunch of morons that renovated the house, or the morons that originally built it, but they decided to make our basement floor 11 cm higher than all other compartments. All our stuff is dry, all our neighbors’ stuff is soaking wet. The first floor lady had a carpet floor in her basement. Soaked with stench. I almost felt bad for having a raised floor, but I’m actually pretty happy about it.

When I returned from work this evening, my ground floor neighbor had almost finished pumping out the water. It looked pretty grim. What was even more grim is that it started raining when I entered, and I think the rains are as heavy as yesterday, or at least close. Poor guy. Because he had so much space in his basement compartment, he pretty much covered all of the surface area with boxes (instead of stacking). Bye bye, whatever is in those boxes. And the worst part. I am 100% certain that tomorrow there will be 12 cm of water in the basement. I guess we will get some of that too. I wrote before that our basement is small, and this is actually pretty handy. Because of this, it is rather tidy, and all stuff is packed and stacked on shelves and elevated cupboards. Whatever was on the floor (like our car bike carrier) I now placed safe and dry on top of something high enough to keep the water away, so I guess we’re ready for what’s about to come. Give me all you got!

(But now for the question that really is on everyone’s mind… Who puts a fucking carpet on the floor in a basement?)

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