They said take it slow

I think I deserve a short post today. I have just collected my second dose of BioNtech/Pfizer at the end of this afternoon. The doctor told me to take it slow, as the second shot often gives a bigger blow. No alcohol, no sports, sleep well, drink a lot of water. So far, so good. Only a sore arm, and – like with the first shot – some light fuzziness in the thinking chamber that my therapist insists is probably just induced by anxiety. After today’s shot, they asked me to wait for 15 minutes in a small room with about ten other people. It wasn’t really clear to me why, and no one told me. I sheepishly followed orders – as did everyone else. Maybe they hoped to catch the immediate allergic responses? Not sure.

Anyway. Not too much writing today. They told me take it slow.

Tonight I’ll celebrate my developing immunity to SARS-CoV-2 by relaxing a bit and starting a new book from the to-read-list. I just finished “Charles Darwin’s barnacle and David Bowie’s spider“. (What a pleasant read!) This book is entirely centered around scientific species names (and especially those of the eponymous kind). I’m a nerd for species names and have had some kind of obsession with them for as long as I can remember, and was happy to read that there are others that seem to suffer from the same obsession. So I found it fascinating to read the stories behind some of them. However, I think this book is written in such an accessible way that anyone with a bit of passion for nature and history will find value in reading it. Given that there are probably enough species names left to fill another book, I am certainly hoping for a Volume 2. Completely coincidentally, my friend and former colleague Ana from I focus and write has organized a free masterclass next Thursday with the author, Stephen B Heard, scientist blogger (or blogger scientist?) at Scientist sees Squirrel, who has also authored a book on scientific writing, and of course the many scientific papers that must have formed the basis for the book on this expertise. You can still sign up on Ana’s website (linked above). I will be there for sure.

Have a great (slow) weekend!

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