About bagging an experiment…

I just returned from what was supposed to be a short chat and check-in with Stephan,the person leading our running barley experiment. This evening he planned the fungal infection treatment. When I came in, Stephan had finished spraying and bagging maybe a dozen control plants. Another 200 were waiting. He was very optimistic in thatContinue reading “About bagging an experiment…”

Garchinger Heide – The more I see, the less I know

Yesterday, I took my son out for a quick walk through the Garchinger Heide, which is really turning into my favourite spot to watch plants and butterflies. Every time I go there, there are new species of flowers blooming. Every time I go there, I see a lot of stuff that I don’t know. IContinue reading “Garchinger Heide – The more I see, the less I know”

More shelves or a larger trash bin?

I’ve been doing a bit of cleaning up lately. There were quite some manuscripts that I wrote or co-wrote that are still in various stages of the publishing pipeline. It seems that by the end of next week, I will have finished most of the manuscript work that was still on the desk for theContinue reading “More shelves or a larger trash bin?”

Life-changing experiences

*This story is totally not what I intended to write about today. I had something completely different and more uplifting in mind. A story about a crazy (but funny) place I lived together with Heike for a couple of years. However, I felt that it needed a bit of a preface of how I endedContinue reading “Life-changing experiences”

We may just pull this off! (They all laughed at our plans.)

A couple of weeks ago, a new side-project was thrown in my lap. “Remember that guy I told you about? The dentist? We should talk about this soon, his experiment is coming up in May, and we still need to have a look at the final design. It would be good if he could includeContinue reading “We may just pull this off! (They all laughed at our plans.)”

My new indoor swimming pool

For those of you that saw the game between Hungary and Germany yesterday evening. Did you notice all that rain? I live about 20 or so kilometres from the Allianz Arena. All that rain? An equal amount was unleashed onto our roof and into our flood drains. Interestingly, however, the morons that renovated our basementContinue reading “My new indoor swimming pool”

How to keep up with all the cool papers coming out all the time, when you don’t have so much time to read?

Sometimes a simple question on Twitter can be a good source of inspiration for a post. Especially when you have an answer that really works for you. Today, this happened to be the case when Flor Yannelli asked Twitter for advice in the below tweet. Thanks Flor. I’m glad you asked! I have indicated inContinue reading “How to keep up with all the cool papers coming out all the time, when you don’t have so much time to read?”

Seven simple things to avoid in application procedures

In the past couple of years, I have been involved in various stages of the hiring process. During my PhD, I sat in on interview presentations on request a couple of times. A few times I have also been part of a ‘more intimate’ interview talk with only a couple of members present, and haveContinue reading “Seven simple things to avoid in application procedures”