The void

It’s the strangest thing. With every ecological experiment that I have done, I felt a bit of emptiness inside after finishing it.

I just drove back from our new field site in Jena to Freising. Driving 80 kmh it took us a good 7 hours tomget back. It didn’t help that there were a couple of crashed cars and a small lorry on its side blocking the road for a while. Anyway, there were a bunch of crates that I borrowed from the greenhouse facilities, so I figured it would be kind to bring them back. I passed ‘my’ greenhouse compartment, where the mother plants and some backups were still taking up some space. However, the two previously full tables were now empty (obviously, I emptied them myself). The tables had even been cleaned out by the gardeners already. Seven months of care. And now the babies have left the nest.

It’s a reality check every time. And I really don’t like it. Obviously, in this case emptying the greenhouse is only the start of something longer-term, but my babies are far away. My caring job is more or less done. I guess I do best with some plants growing in the greenhouse to look after.

I’ll miss them

Let’s see what kind of experiments we can do with the leftover plants….

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