Talking gibberish

I think the age my son is at now may be the most fun phase in his development. (Admittedly, I have said this about many phases) He’s 22 months old, and he seems to be learning so much. It really is unbelievable to see how many new things he picks up every day. He was certainly on the slow side in developing his motor skills, compared to some of ‘the kids around’. It took quite some time for him to get to crawling, and later walking. However, now he’s doing all of that just fine. I just wonder if he will ever master the spoon.

On the verbal side, he’s been quite a busy chap. He’s been talking gibberish for a very long time. We raise Rafa bilingually, in German and Dutch. (I think I may throw in the odd bad English words in there too…) It’s brilliant to see how he picks up both languages, and repeats every word we say. For many things he knows the name in both languages already. He’s been practicing these words for many months already, but since a week or two, we have entered a new phase. It’s the fucking best.

Rafa is now making proper sentences! Three words, maybe four, but they are sentences. Pronunciation of many words is quite funny which can result in interesting conversations that only parents can have with their kids. In the morning, he tells me I can make a Tossee. I like my morning Tossee. I could not go without it.

I have never felt so happy about crappy language. It’s a beautiful thing, this toddler speech impairment. There is no better sound.

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