I missed my shot

I never put my phone on airplane mode, but yesterday, I read this as a tip on avoiding distractions and becoming more efficient. The idea is simple (and sounded right) – put your phone in airplane mode from dinner to the middle of the next morning or so. This gives you a good time toContinue reading “I missed my shot”

Better things to do

I got rid of social media from my phone. Facebook I already deleted a year or two ago, and I hardly ever look at it these days. What a waste of time that was. It opened up huge pockets of time! I’ve never looked at Instagram much. I just post pictures of things that IContinue reading “Better things to do”

Chasing beavers

No, you silly perverts. This post is not about your wildest dreams. It is just a simple story about me – a simple Dutch ecologist – chasing wet beavers that are out there looking for some solid Bavarian wood. It had already occurred to me during various hikes along the river Isar last year, thatContinue reading “Chasing beavers”

Mosquitoes’ revenge

It’s kinda hard being an entomologist. Insects have a special place in my heart. But it seems not to be very mutual. Wherever I go, insects somehow always seem to be out to get me. They can smell an entomologist coming from miles away. Many of the fun insects and other arthropods run as fastContinue reading “Mosquitoes’ revenge”

Intensity (only good stuff)

What an intense four days I’ve had. I’ve done so many things in the past couple of days, that I could (and perhaps should) sit back and take a holiday. I have worked only four days since my last. It’s about time for another. Too bad I planned a couple of student meetings tomorrow –Continue reading “Intensity (only good stuff)”

I swear, it’s a curse

I want to start off with a disclaimer; my mother did not raise me this way. I was the oldest of three neat young boys raised by a single mother. We were always taught not to swear. I think my mother took pride in raising her kids ‘the right way’. And as far as IContinue reading “I swear, it’s a curse”

A (not so) fresh start

You would think that after ten days of holiday, you would be back at work with a fresh mind, completely revived. Well, think again. The past ten days have been filled with lots of fun and good stuff, and even more stuff to entertain the little one. Don’t get me wrong. I loved all ofContinue reading “A (not so) fresh start”

Botanist paradise

For a while I have been wanting to visit the Garchinger Heide, a small nature reserve located about 15 kilometres away from here (Freising). I had read some flyers in the ‘Landratsamt’ last year, when I was there to register our car. The flyers had some colorful flower pictures on it. When I tried toContinue reading “Botanist paradise”