Academia is a weird world to be part of. We keep churning out Bachelor and Master students every year, and in every field there are countless that graduate every year. Speaking from my personal experience, my Bachelor and Masters degrees did not really prepare me for any job in particular. I’ve had plenty of workContinue reading “Academiapocalypse”

It’s a bit of a milestone, no?

Today is a special day, as it marks the last day of three months of my daily writing challenge. This post is also my 100th blog post. (I already had a couple of older longer format posts on here from over the years, if you wonder why the maths don’t match up) I started thisContinue reading “It’s a bit of a milestone, no?”

Finding balance

Yesterday my brain was mush. I couldn’t think straight. It felt as if my brain had no energy or oxygen to do what it was supposed to do. Luckily, today most of my sharpness has returned, which gave me a great sense of relief. It feels pretty scary not to be in control of yourContinue reading “Finding balance”

Snake wrangling with my son

As frequent readers of my blog may have noticed, I spend my free time outside a lot. As I have written about many times before, I’ve been an ‘unprofessional herpetologist’ from when I was seven years old. I have kept reptiles ever since, and for a part of this time I bred snakes in numbersContinue reading “Snake wrangling with my son”

Why does it have to be difficult?

Increasingly I find myself thinking about some of the academic collaborations that cross my path. Are collaborations always good? I used to think so. When I did my PhD, I collaborated a lot, which established many good relationships and friendships that I know will last for a long time. I loved these collaborations, and asContinue reading “Why does it have to be difficult?”

A small step in the right direction

The headache is pretty intense. Not necessarily extremely painful, but it is certainly different from your average headache. A strange kind of tension seems to hug the region surrounding the atlas, the element that connects the skull to the spine. A dull sensation – not sure if it is really pain – is flaring outContinue reading “A small step in the right direction”

She’s here!

In September and October me and my boss held interviews for a ‘plant-insect’ PhD position that was available in our group. This was already the second round of advertising and interviewing – I must add – as the first round of advertising earlier last year yielded no suitable candidates. On October 14th, after having hadContinue reading “She’s here!”

Everything is awesome

Sometimes you have one of these rare days where EVERYTHING seems to go well. The day feels awesome, you feel awesome, life feels awesome. Everything is awesome. Yesterday, for me, was such a day. Obviously, as I wrote yesterday, I missed my covid shot (I convinced myself that this can happen if the opportunity isContinue reading “Everything is awesome”