Small ideas

I’m staring at my screen and I have totally forgotten what I wanted to write about… what happened?

One of the benefits I observe from having written every day for two months now, is that you tend to get these ‘small ideas’ for stories or conversations to write about and that keep bubbling up in your head. These small ideas can be anything, and obviously happen to anyone in the form of spontaneous thoughts. However, if the goal is to write everyday, subconsciously your brain starts documenting these spontaneous thoughts as writing ideas. Now, I generally get like 15 of them every day. Today, I have been a bit busy, so I think I had about five or so that stuck.

Now, I never write much down in terms of ideas. This is a general form of stupidity that I suffer from. I hardly ever take notes. The simple reason for this generally is that I cannot listen and write at the same time (also goes for music, any background melody with words in it is a guarantee that I will no get words on paper). Of course, I could take notes about the small ideas, and this would probably be a great idea, if I wanted to pursue all of them (I don’t). I don’t carry around a waiter’s pad, and using my phone for it just does not work for me (I bought a Samsung Note 10+ for the sole reason of being able to take notes on the go – I can count on two hands the number of notes I have taken).

Usually I have no issues with memorizing my mental notes. At night I sit down and just slam them into the WordPress text editor and hit ‘Publish’. Today was different. I felt a bit tired (long and exhausting, but very productive day), and it was my turn to bring the kid to bed. A recipe for disaster. I managed to lie down with him for exactly two minutes, before I fell asleep. I woke up twenty minutes later. A twenty minute power nap is enough to send my brain into blurry cloud mode. My brain just stops running. But I HAVE to write. I am too OCD to miss a day, so now I just ramble, until I think it is enough for the day (that point may be now).

Note to self: take more notes.


Next recipe for disaster: Movie night with my wife *Tired Edition*. My guess is I will last 20 minutes.

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Father of two | Husband | Entomologist and Ecologist | Postdoctoral Researcher @ TUM | Traveler | Coffee Addict

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