It’s all about priorities

A friend asked on Twitter today what the Twitter-folks would do if they would have some extra hours in a day (I’m loosely paraphrasing, because I am too lazy to look up the exact wording).

It’s an interesting question to me, and probably to many others, but maybe especially to the people that replied to it on Twitter.

I think to myself all the time “I wish that the days were a bit longer”, or “I wish I could do with less sleep”. Then of course there is the good old “if I would have more time, I would do more of X”.

So I answered to this tweet that I would spend more time with family, travel more, read more, write more, draw more, tattoo more, and that I would do more of everything.

I have now given it some more thought.

I think I would mostly spend more time on Twitter…

I think all people that replied to the tweet, would also spend more time on Twitter.

I think we have plenty of time. How we use it is just a matter of prioritization.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted to write more. So I prioritized that. Every day, no excuse. It hasn’t cost me a lot of extra time. I don’t get more stress because of it. If anything, it makes me less stressed!

I’m quite sure that if today I decided I really REALLY wanted to do the things on that list that A) I don’t already do a lot, or B) are made impossible by Covid-19, I could easily do them in the time I have.

It’s a matter of more prioritization of yourself.

Oh, and of course less Twitter* – the world would look a lot brighter without Twitter.


*where somewhat ironically, I will of course be posting this, followed by some mindless scrolling, and perhaps a reply, or two, where I could have read 20 pages of a new book I downloaded on Kindle (Stephen Heard’s ‘Charles Darwin’s Barnacle and David Bowie’s Spider: How Scientific Names Celebrate Adventurers, Heroes, and Even a Few Scoundrels’, which I downloaded because I at some point almost bought a Heteropoda davidbowie as one of my eight-legged pets. I ended up buying some theraposids or salticids instead, but this book may make me regret that)

Heteropoda davidbowie is a beautiful species though. Photo source: Wikipedia

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