Sometimes it feels like all I do is extinguish fires. Today in particular, everything was in flames. The day started with a meeting regarding issues around our newly appointed PhD researcher. She’s currently stuck abroad for corona-related reasons, which makes her life, and by association also our lives, more difficult than necessary. We prioritized someContinue reading “Troubleshooting”

Germany you should – a series (part 1)

When we decided to move to Germany (well, Freistaat Bayern really), I expected very little difference with my home country, the Netherlands. We’re neighbours. How big of a difference can there really be? The answer is quite a bit. As part of my recently started daily blog endeavour, I thought it would be a goodContinue reading “Germany you should – a series (part 1)”

Hit submit

Publishing something is not easy. One of the things that I find most difficult about publishing a manuscript, in the form of a manuscript, or, heck, even a simple blog post, is hitting the ‘submit’ button. When you write, even if it is a scientific manuscript, you bleed on the paper. At least that’s whatContinue reading “Hit submit”

An ecologist’s recipe for horrible sleep

One of my favorite aspects of being an ecologist or entomologist is the fact that I get to do some pretty nice hands-on experiments with living plants and insects. Most of this hands-on work I really love doing. Yet, while performing some specific tasks you can just feel that it is bad for your brain.Continue reading “An ecologist’s recipe for horrible sleep”

Stabbed to death

I am not so sure what to think of the corona vaccination programs. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not an antivaxxer or some kind of science sceptic. Quite the contrary. Science is a huge part of my life. Also, vaccines are life savers. Count me in on getting vaccinated. Get your shots too, please! Yet,Continue reading “Stabbed to death”