Germany you should – a series (part 2)

If I had to name one thing that is worse in Germany than anywhere else, then Pommes would unequivocally take the first prize. Congrats Pommes, you really are Scheiße.

Potato fries…

I’ve always had bad experiences with German potato fries, regardless of where I ate them in Germany. My wife is German, from the Eiffel area. I eat Currywurst mit Pommes. The biggest reptile event in Europe is in Hamm, Germany. I eat Currywurst mit Pommes. Whenever I stop along the highway to grab a meal, I eat something mit Pommes. Pommes are hard to avoid in the German fast-food meals (as anywhere else in the world). I somehow always thought it was a regional thing and that there would be good Pommes somewhere in Germany. I now know there aren’t

I have sampled rigorously across multiple transects and regions in the country. Conclusion: Pommes are bad country-wide.

Fries here taste like they gave deep-frozen fries a luke-warm bath, just to get them thawed and – if you’re lucky – mildly warm. The result is a soggy floppy potato that is an embarrassment to potatoes, fast-food and the meal it is served with.

Germany, you should really do something about your Pommes!*

——————————————————————————————————————* How about heating the oil to ~180°C, and frying them until Maillard is doing what he does best?

I have created a map that illustrates how Pommes quality relates to region along a North-South transect.

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