Germany you should – a series (part 1)

When we decided to move to Germany (well, Freistaat Bayern really), I expected very little difference with my home country, the Netherlands. We’re neighbours. How big of a difference can there really be?

The answer is quite a bit.

As part of my recently started daily blog endeavour, I thought it would be a good idea to include a recurring series based on my observations as a not-too-distant foreigner in Germany. Many things are much better here in Germany, whereas other things are absolutely terrible here compared to the Netherlands. I will include things that stand out in this country, good or bad, funny or sad (but hopefully predominantly funny).

This one needs hardly any introduction (or maybe it does in Germany).

Reliable internet. Usually quite rare. ‘Connection unstable’ is my Zoom welcome message. The ‘up to 500 Mbit’ packages offered by several providers the German networks often cannot even provide 1%… Inventing the word Funklöcher (which has no English equivalent) does not make your coverage better! Instead, why don’t you just work on improving mobile coverage and cable availability, at least within city boundaries?

Germany you should really fix your internet!

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4G coverage by all networks in the general Freising area – I live in the westernmost point of town, where only digital sadness is available

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