Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo. What a great name for a province. It reminds me of the hopping kind of marsupial that has very little to do with the Yucatan peninsula, the actual destination of this trip…

We had another greatly delayed flight by United Airlines… (They had to replace tyres and brakes of our plane, a very comforting feeling). They seem to make a habit out of that as it happened to me both ways on my recent teip to the US.

All in all, it took us 24 hours to get here, but we have made it… (Drumroll please)

Playa del Carmen

We were too tired to continue onwards to other regions and it was pretty much midnight when we arrived in our room. Now, I’ve heard quite some stories about PDC and very few good ones. It must be the tourist season that makes things bad, because today, in the middle of hurricane season, it feels like a pretty agreeable place (though with brown seas and seaweed beaches).

Nevertheless we will take a bus to Tulum this afternoon. I hope we can spend some time in the biosphere reserve there and perhaps see some temples and cenotes.

Regardless of the hurricane season and terrible weather forecasts, the weather so far is pretty awesome! I was a bit worried about this in the past few days as the forecasts predicted rain, rain rain.

So far this tiny update on this trip. I’ll write more soon.







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