It all happened while I was on the plane!

So… Yeah. The first conference I attended this summer has ended. As you may remember from my previous posts here and here, I went to Italy last week.

Ten days, alone, which, for me, was very VERY exciting. After a scarring terrible experience a few years ago in Malaysia, I felt very bad about going solo again. I love travel. I was just afraid of being alone. What if I will have to sit out ten days, doing absolutely nothing?!

Yeah, that never happened…

One day I spent speeding through Rome (35 km walked), followed by a one day of traveling to Napels, then a full day exploring Pompei ancient city, then the conference started with a packed programme and by Friday, when the conference had ended, I was already pretty sure that I could 1) not visit Vesuvius and 2) would not make it to Capri. Instead, I visited Ercolano, another ancient city. Interesting, but not even close to Pompei when it comes to impressiveness.

I needed to get back to Rome on Saturday, as my flight back to the Netherlands would be from Rome Fiumicino airport. I stayed in the weirdest AirBnB with a guy that attempted to play trumpet or saxophone (it was that bad, I couldn’t recognize it) all night. He ended the evening with some relaxing music at maxed out volume. Why not.

I was very happy when I woke up on Sunday. Time to leave again… and the day started off exciting!

When I opened my phone that morning, I got an exciting message! My ‘baby brother’ and his girlfriend brought their first baby son into the world!

The little one was born when I was up in the air on the flight from Rome to Amsterdam. I got the call from my brother when I was waiting in line to order my meal at Burger King Schiphol (I usually only go to BK when I arrive on Schiphol). Probably my most memorable BK meal! I love that the baby boy waited until I flew back to the Netherlands before it arrived.

On Monday, I visited the fresh new family in the hospital. It is special to see new parents hold their first-born. They looked so proud. I loved it. Little Jake is a very cute baby!

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